Property Marketing & Advertising

Upon listing a property, our powerful databases match the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally and nationally. Direct offering memorandums and promotional materials are utilized to present the investment opportunity. Our professionals also match each listing with their personal databases and immediately contact qualified buyers whose requirements match the particular property. After specific investors are identified, a direct marketing campaign is initiated and subsequent personal follow-up to all potential buyers.

Our Professionals actively advertise in national, regional and local publications to create the most effective exposure for exclusively listed properties.

We use web-based tools and automated applications to quickly produce professional marketing material. Generating e-presentations, executive summaries and websites that can be distributed to targeted buyers shortly after a property is listed with us.

Commercial Market Expertise

Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your real estate asset(s) or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, our unique investment expertise can help create value. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type specialization enable us to advise owners on leading-edge pricing, property positioning and creating long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.
All of our resources and support systems are tailored to understanding investment trends and serving investors’ needs. Our track record has resulted in the accumulation of extensive market knowledge, expertise in property valuation and positioning.